There are as many holiday options out there as there are people taking them. From the weekend away to the “Grand Tour” of Victorian times, there should be a better reason than simple relaxation behind the holiday.

From my viewpoint, there are some non-starter holidays, all of which result from bad experiences in my past. Each of us has these hang-ups and we need to keep them in mind so that the holiday we choose is the best for us at that time.

For many people holidaying with friends and family is the best alternative. It means that the chance of being lonely is removed and also those who holiday together, and enjoy it, derive their greatest pleasure, to a significant extent, from the people around them. Personally, I cannot recall a successful holiday with other people, but then I don’t holiday that often as is proven by the other article in this edition.

Organised tours leave me cold. Recently I took some young people to the local Aquarium. During the visit, I had some time alone and sat watching the main tank and the fish inhabitants. It was that time of year when the fishes were starting to mate and I watched in complete wonder as the little fish courted, the sardines shoaled and broke up and all the while the sharks maintained their silent patrol round and round the tank. The organised tour cannot provide the flexibility I needed at that time. For this reason, I prefer to go on holiday with maximum flexibility and minimum organisation.

Barry loves Cruising, and I applaud his choice. It suits him and he is comfortable in that environment. He has visited many parts of the World and has seen some wonderful sights and enjoyed some magnificent experiences. Also, if you chat with him, he will tell you that they need not be too expensive.

Pensioners normally holiday during the low season when tours are not fully subscribed and accommodation is abundant. This means the tourism industry asks for less for accommodation and services. When you book a cruise, your payment covers everything, unless you have preferences that ask for more than routine. Thus, all you need, when on a cruising holiday, is sufficient cash to cover the occasional gift, memento or occasional whim to splash out.

When you start to consider your next holiday I suggest you keep in mind the outline given below:

  • Identify what it is that you really want to achieve on this holiday. Check with your Bucket List in this regard. If it is just a break or recharge that is required, so be it, just set out to have fun;
  • Establish what you need, outside yourself, to realise your purpose on this holiday. For example, if you want to 4×4 tours and see those things you cannot find in town, you will need a second vehicle so that you do not run the risk of becoming stranded in the bush;
  • Calculate how much time you need to achieve your goal and then recover and return to work fit and ready to resume your business ambitions;
  • Work out the most suitable manner in which you can realise your objective. This could well be limited by the value of available funding;
  • List those items you need to have a really exceptional holiday; and
  • Get out there and have fun.

Everybody is different and we are all a product of a complex mix of genes and environment. A holiday is similar to swinging a golf club – the harder you try the less successful you are.

Most of all, whatever type of holiday you choose, try as hard as possible to have the most fun possible and return to work refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to do your utmost to hold on to the positives in your life.

Happy holidays!!!!!