First, it is important to find a meaning for every day. Finding activities which make you happy is a big step towards finding this meaning, it gives you a reason to get out of bed each morning.

Second, try something completely new. I recently read the excellent book “Publish like a Pro“ written by Vanessa Wilson and Georgina Hatch. The book is a comprehensive guide to self-publishing in South Africa today. The authors explain in detail what to consider when considering this route, which could lead to empowering authors to produce better quality products and help to avoid costly mistakes along the way.

It was Andrew’s (my co-author) idea to write our book on planning one’s retirement. I never had a burning desire to write a book, but I am so pleased that we went ahead with our project. I have received so much personal satisfaction from the feedback received. Also, it kept both us pretty busy, while writing and promoting our book. I have met so many great people, as a result, this venture. After some of our presentations on promoting our book, several people afterward came and spoke to me. They mentioned confidentially they were keen to write a book but did not know how to go about it. I gave them as much information as possible and advised them that they were welcome to contact me at any stage for more help.

I believe that if anyone has a desire to write a book, the ideal time is when one is no longer working. Normally one has more time on their hands in retirement. I found the above book very useful, with plenty of information and guidance to assist any potential authors.

Another suggestion is to take care of yourself. Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself sometimes called self-love. It produces positive feelings, which improves confidence and self-esteem too. Self-care is important for your family and friends too.

I trust the above information will assist you while you enjoy your retirement even more.