”I have purchased a book which has recently been published entitled “2020 The year that killed Retirement-Ageing, adapting and reflecting on disruption and change “

The author is Michael Hook, with several guest contributors. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book focused on the positive aspects of the adjustments when I  was expecting all the negative issues. I really enjoyed this book which with so many inspiring stories from the author and others including a prisoner in jail, and an executive coach, who was stranded in Bali for 9 weeks over lockdown.

This book helped me to decide about some of the changes I wish to make for 2021.I have already started by trying to be more grateful for what I have and also fortunate for the life, I enjoy. If  I am able to maintain this focus, I feel that I will be able to overcome many of the situations that I may be faced with.

One of the guest contributors, Julia Kerr Henkel, an Executive Coach discusses the importance of being resilient in these trying times, by doing the following:

  • No planning, no predicting, only presenting.
  • Balance gritty faith and work with what you have.
  • Give yourself permission to experience and name your full range of emotions.
  • Know when to surrender, when to fight and when to keep going.


2020 provided everyone with an opportunity to undertake an introspective look closely at how they will approach the year 2021 differently.