One of the most enjoyable and satisfying events that I have been involved in since retiring, is co-writing our book with Andrew “ The Next Step-Planning the Road through Retirement “ In this article the reasons why it brought me so much satisfaction and enjoyment.

Listed below are some of the most important aspects I experienced in retirement as a result of co-writing our book with Andrew:

  • Being able to meet so many fine people who were preparing for their retirement or enjoying their retirement.
  • Giving the opportunity to address several Rotary and Probus Clubs, University of the Third Age, several retirement villages, and other organisations.
  • Andrew and I were invited by PSG to be part of their roadshow where we addressed their life consultants in six cities in six days. What a fantastic experience to get to know some of their senior staff and experiencing the great culture of this company first-hand.
  • Invited to attend two Literary Festivals where I was privileged to meet several famous authors.
  • Being interviewed on East Coast Radio live by Damon Beard. Andrew was interviewed on Classic FM and both of us on SABC Radio.
  • Invited to be part of PSG joint presentation to several of their clients who were coming up for retirement. It was a great honour to be part of this function when we were able to interact with their clients afterwards.
  • Arranged a retirement seminar for some members of The Durban Chamber of Commerce.
  • Had two successful book launches.

Several people approached me after the above presentations, mentioning that they have a confidential desire to write their own book and wanted to know how to go about. I encouraged them all to give it a go and I was happy to share as much information and advice they required.


If you have a desire to write a book in retirement, I would strongly suggest you attempt this challenge, which can be rewarding in so many ways. In my other article, I provide some tips and suggestions for writing a book.