It is well known that as one gets older, one likely is to get new ailments at times. When you recover from any sickness, you are so grateful and thankful that you are well again. Therefore, I believe that it is important to review your health goals regularly. This should be in the various forms of exercise that you may partake in. Before lockdown, I used to enjoy going to my local gym regularly. Although gyms have recently re-opened, I doubt that I will be going back in the short term. Now that spring has arrived, I look forward to undertaking enjoyable walks around our neighborhood.

Happiness is really an individual choice and I leave it to the subscriber to decide when they wish to review and amend or add new activities that bring individual happiness.

As a result of Coronavirus, I think we all have done some introspection. Of the many things that I have learned about myself, is to be more appreciative of what I have and what we have around us. A great example is since spring has arrived and although we have had much rain, we can already see the changes happening in our garden. My wife collects orchids and has many on trees around our property. Many of these orchids are in full bloom and are really looking very attractive.

We are also fortunate to have a tributary of the Palmiet at the bottom of our property, called the Umvusi stream. Around this area, there is a wooded area, where many different species of birds spend part of their day. It is special to hear the various birds happily chirping during the day.


By regularly reviewing areas of your retirement that are so important to you, will result in ensuring that your years in retirement are very special.