Before lockdown started, I went to gym on average three times a week, this was very much part of my life. When the restrictions were first imposed on us, I really thought that it was going to be really hard to overcome this activity that I very much liked. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, that as a result of the comprehensive lockdown, we decided to do a complete spring clean of our house. This kept us busy for a few weeks and after lockdown was eased, we were able to go for walks around our neighbourhood, which were enjoyed. However, I got slack and instead of going for walks, I spend a fair amount of time in our garden. When we were able to go to gym, we only went once. It did not feel right at this stage for me to go back to gym again. We have recently started walking around our area, which we are enjoying again.

Some of my friends have said that they will not be going back to gym. A few of them have set up a small gym in their garages or other parts of their homes.

While preparing this article, I received the latest newsletter from RetireKZN, which I have quoted  below;

Reasons why you should garden

Have you got green fingers? You can be a beginner that has just started cultivating seedlings or have a backyard filled with all kinds of herbs, veggies, and flowers; the activity of gardening takes patience and perseverance to reap the rewards. Apart from the joy you experience when watching a sapling sprout and grow into something beautiful; gardening also has a myriad of benefits on the body!

An enjoyable form of exercise

Gardening keeps you moving. You can spend 5-minutes to 5 hours in your garden and gain from the increased levels of movement, flexibility, and physical activity leading to great endurance and improved strength in your body.

Stress reduction

Keep calm and garden on! Potting around your garden can help reduce stress, improve mental health, and promote relaxation.

Eat better

Whether you have a herb garden or going big with fresh produce, your result will give you something great to look forward to. Your harvest will allow you to boast when adding to your daily cooking routine.


In a recent article by Rod Smith, who writes a daily column for  “The Mercury”  entitled “Being well is simple, but it is not easy ”. Rod talks about drinking more water, increasing your level of exercise, getting more fresh air, more light and warmth, consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, this will improve your health if you and very healthy, or young and horribly out of shape.