We all know that exercise is good for us. Getting our heart pumping helps us to maintain a healthy weight and keep fit – and it is good for our cardiovascular system. But what about all the other benefits exercise can bring? 

There are a huge number of very positive side effects that happen when we work out, but not everyone is aware of them. Let’s take a look at a few of the many lesser-known benefits of exercise.

It can alleviate stress and anxiety

Many people know that exercise can play a part in boosting their mood. This is down to hormones called endorphins, which trigger a positive mood and make you feel good.

It lengthens your life expectancy 

There is overwhelming scientific evidence highlighting the benefits of exercise, including studies that show that you have a 30 percent lower risk of early death if you work out regularly.

It can help to prevent cognitive decline 

Scientists have found that there is a link between getting regular physical exercise and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia in later life. In fact, if you exercise regularly, you have a 30 percent lower risk of developing dementia.

It can improve your memory and brain performance 

Some studies have made a link between vigorous or high-intensity physical activity and certain proteins in the brain. The key protein in question is known as BDNF, which is believed to help with learning, higher thinking, and decision making.

It can help you to relax

You may associate exercise with feeling pumped, but it can also work wonders when it comes to relaxing and switching off. There are a few reasons for this, starting with the time you carve out of your day to exercise. This is important ‘me time’, which can help you to clear your mind of everything but your workout, and burn off any frustrations from the day.

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The above endorses that any form of exercise is so important to everyone.