The best way to show how powerful this topic is , will be to provide examples from some people I have met, who display either of these traits

I will first discuss the inwardly thinking by providing a definition reflected below;

“The definition of inward is someone that is focused internally or moves toward the inside or Centre.”

I knew someone who advised me that he had nothing to look forward to each day once he retired. It was very sad and obviously, he was not enjoying retirement. On the other hand, I knew somebody, who recently passed away, who was so positive about life although he knew his time was limited.

I suggest that, if you know someone who is inwardly thinking, refer them to somebody well qualified or is a minister of religion. These people need help.

People who are lonely, or have had something dramatic happening to them, often have difficulty remaining positive about life. One of the hardest things for anyone is to be told that he/she has not long to live. They often find it very hard to remain positive about life. In all of these cases, the problem can be remedied by care, consideration and, where necessary, professional help and guidance. They need to know they are needed and loved.

If you happen to know someone in this situation, and you know them well, maybe you could find out why they feel this way and offer them some possible solutions.

I have used examples I have experienced in my own life to demonstrate a point relating to our monthly themes. I do this in the hope that it will reinforce my views. In this article, I have chosen two examples both of which helped me to remain positive and outward thinking, despite what has happened to me.

Several years ago, when I was still working, I was hijacked outside our home early one morning after returning from gym. My car was stolen and fortunately, I was not hurt. My staff members arranged for me to see a psychologist the next day. He told me that I must try and not think of how I could have prevented this incident but, rather, to try and find something positive from this dramatic event. He told me that we live in the wild west and this could happen to anyone. It would not help me to feel sorry for myself.

Sometimes, when I feel down with life, I think of what I was told and try to remain positive by thinking how grateful I am to have such a good life.

A few years later, I was told by a specialist that as a result of the high level of cholesterol in my blood, there was a danger that it could block the one artery near my brain, which would have a profound effect on my life and living. Fortunately, with the correct medication, my cholesterol level has greatly improved which has reduced the immediate danger. However, when I was first told about this, I felt terrible and had difficulty focusing on anything positive for a while.

As this is such a strong and powerful topic, I asked my niece Heather Fountain, a qualified non-medical Hypnotherapist, to share her views on this important subject. Heather kindly agreed and her input is reflected below;

Attitude is everything and you hold the power whether to have a positive or negative attitude which can be either your best friend or worst enemy. So what does outwardly thinking to mean in retirement?

It means Remain curious, keep learning, keep evolving and keep yourself worthy

  • Reach for support from outside yourself;
  • Talk to different people, form groups where there are common interests, ask questions; and
  • Remain interested and engaged in the world.

Retirement should be seen as a new beginning and certainly not an ending.