Yesterday my wife and I were discussing the weather. Living in Durban we notice the changes in weather and their effect on human behaviour.
In September the rain returns. Soft and gentle it breaks the dry and dusty world, bringing back the squish of mud and croak of frogs. At the same time an itch and need arrives in the human psyche. We lift off our “buts” and start again on the exciting journey of life.
To do this effectively we, first, need to pack up the winter and clear the decks for the road ahead. Spring cleaning happens a two periods in life – In Spring and before a pregnant woman delivers a child? (As father of four, this is a certain sign of imminent childbirth!)
The gentle spring showers foretell the cumulus cloud build up. They threaten a and deliver both lightning, thunder and, harsher rainfall. This heralds the onset of Summer which, in the KZN Coastal areas, includes the insidious arrival of humidity.
Humidity works to limit the energy and joy in activity that came with Spring. We sludge into turbid inactivity showing reduced energy. We are not willing to do anything that is not completely essential.
Sometime in February/March the humidity disappears like a thief in the night and we sense the impending arrival of Autumn. This is, to me, the best time of year. The residue of Spring energy returns and is refreshed as we prepare for the coming winter. This is when we begin to review the year, complete what we can and prepare what we can’t for final conclusion in the next Spring. Days get shorter and nights are cooler. We sleep deeper and awake truly refreshed, all in preparation from the coming winter.
In KZN winter arrives when we pull counterpanes and duvet from the cupboard. This is when apples, avos, oranges and pears appear on the supermarket shelves. The rains give up the uneven struggle against the cold (or just cool in KZN coastal areas). In the mountains, frost appears on the ground and the grass turns brown. Farmers begin blackening the veldt with firebreaks and animals become more furry.
I am certain that Seasons do apply in South Africa, more and more the further South we go. Each season is both wonderful and challenging and it is our choice to watch or join in and find the true fun in life as we enjoy the constant challenge.