There are many  benefits to the special relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.

To obtain a wider perspective of the part played by children in keeping the aged young, I have done some research into this intriguing topic by researching several  appropriate websites of which some  views are  discussed  in this article.

There is something magical about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. The  the benefits are abundant. It has been said that grandchildren are the reward for raising their own  children.

Some of the benefits of this relationship for both parties are covered below;

  1. Having grandchildren is good for your health. In a study published by Evolution and Human Behaviour, grandparents who babysit or take care of children live longer. As long as it is done in balance and they are taking care of themselves.
  2. There are new skills that grandchildren can help grandparents learn. They can even encourage new hobbies.
  3. Grandchildren can gain life-long skills from their grandparents.
  4. Grandparents can play a big part in shaping children.
  5. The memories ,they are making together could be the fondest and help shape them into being better people at the same time.
  6. Sometimes they have special names for their granny and grandpa. You are the only person in the world who has this special name.
  7. Grandparents provide a companion and confidant. This bond can be very special.
  8. Grandparents can provide emotional support for family issues. Sometimes it can be difficult  for children to confide in delicate family matters.
  9. Grandparents can provide children with a role model for Ageing. Grandparents who live an active and healthy lives, can also serve as role models for their grandchildren.
  10. Grandparents can teach their grandchildren the value  of Family. One of the most important aspects of being a grandparent is imparting to grandchildren the importance of family.

I know there are many more benefits to this important relationship, but I have chosen a few. Other benefits could apply in  different circumstances.


This special relationship between  grandchildren and grandparents, can result in the grandparents enjoying their years in retirement even more. This  can assist to make the years in retirement , the best years of their lifes.