Time and Seasons



To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

 This biblical quotation is used every day and has affected my whole life. What does it mean and why should it be so important?

The message we should receive implies there is no such thing as “chance” in life. Every action is pre-programmed and, while we may have free will (which many Governments try to bend to their, rather than our own) it is limited.
According to most religious tenets, we are free to choose our own way in life, but that choice is limited. Many of these limits are self imposed but others come from our environment and the situations in which we make our way through life.
I have lived more of my life in the country than in town. This has allowed me to:
  • Build a house without any pre-approved plans – It is a long story but the only plan was on the back of an empty cigarette box which disappeared during the process. The house stands today and remains very comfortable and homely!
  • Raise four children by allowing them the freedom and responsibility to create their own behaviour,  in relative safety, from a very early age. My youngest child would collect a horse and bring it to me to bridle. She was then placed on the back of the horse and rode off – aged 3! These children are now my pride and joy and all still live in South Africa  making a meaningful contribution to the country; and
  • Choose what I wished to do and where I wished to go with no let nor hindrance.
The quotation calls on us to accept that what happens forms part of a plan which is beyond our understanding. We also must accept both good and bad as simply part of a greater scheme that is always in balance.
Another equally common saying which has relevance is that “the only things of which we can be certain are death and taxes”. This complements the biblical quote by implying that, while death ends our journey of life, our journey through life demands regular payment.
The initial quote  also advises us that life is cyclic in nature, particularly in relation to seasons which repeat annually or periodically. If we wish to follow the teachings of the Bible we need to understand and accept that life demands from us, and we must contribute as best we are able.
In closing, I must remind you that, for a healthy life, we all need to have fun, each in our own way!
Have a very happy and fun-filled Easter period.