In my humble opinion and after all, I have read and heard about vaccines, it would appear that until an effective vaccine is found and introduced to the worldwide population, we will continue to see an increased number. This vaccine could relieve the present pressure which everybody is experiencing around Covid-19. Without trying to be involved with all politics and fake news around the various vaccines being introduced as a possible cure for Coronavirus, I have tried very hard to stick to the facts that are available. Listed below is the latest information in respect of the vaccines implemented in the largest parts of the world;

The Global Vaccination Campaign

Country No. of doses administered Last updated
Global total 15,993,078 Jan. 06
U.S. 5,478,578 Jan. 06
China 4,500,000 Dec. 31
Israel 1,490,000 Jan. 06
U.K. 1,300,000 Jan. 05
U.A.E. 826,301 Jan. 05
Russia* 800,000 Jan. 02
Germany 367,331 Jan. 06
Italy 260,948 Jan. 06
Canada 172,083 Jan. 06
Spain 139,339 Jan. 06
Saudi Arabia 100,000 Jan. 06


In The Mercury dated 5 January 2021 the leading article was that two Medical Aids schemes will cover the cost of Covid-19 vaccines for members and beneficiaries. The process is now at a stage where the Council for Medical Aid  Schemes has engaged with various medical aids. Bonitas Medical Fund and Momentum Health Solutions are the two medical aids mentioned in this article.

Listed below is information obtained from Business Insider South Africa

  • If you get a coronavirus vaccine in South Africa, chances are it will be paid for by a medical scheme – even if you don’t belong to a medical aid.
  • Medical schemes are expected to cover at least a third of the cost of all Covid-19 vaccinations in SA, and perhaps significantly more than that, depending on how much big companies chip in.
  • The total cost of vaccines, for the entire country, is expected to come in at around R500 per person, assuming doses can be had on non-commercial terms.

Listed below is the information obtained from the Discovery Health website;

Discovery Health is working closely with key stakeholders to support the National Department of Health in its procurement of the vaccine for all South Africans. Discovery Health Medical Scheme has allocated funding for all of its members to receive the vaccine. We are actively engaging with all manufacturers to secure distribution of the vaccine for our members. The prioritisation and clinical guidelines for which members receive the vaccine first will be aligned to the clinical evidence and national guidelines.


The above is of great concern and interest to everyone. My suggestion is that you try and keep up to date as future developments take place. To end on a lighter note I received the following humourist quote from a good friend.

“If they put the vaccine in beer and opened the pubs the whole country would be vaccinated by next Thursday.

Just trying to help.”