Unfortunately, there are some people who require legal advice, who may not be able to afford the costs involved. I have researched the internet to obtain some information in this regard, which may be of assistance.

Legal Aid South Africa.

Legal Aid South Africa has a mandate from the South African Constitution to help the poor to get tax-funded legal assistance. It is important that they make sure the people they help need the help the most.

If you ask for legal advice, they will ask you to complete a form, so they can understand how much money you earn. In addition, what things you own, like a car or house. This is called the Means Test. A Legal Aid South African official is always available to help you fill this form in. In terms of their website, they have offices in all provinces in South Africa. For more information kindly refer to their website, address mentioned below



I trust that the above information will assist any of our subscribers who may be looking for any of the above help. 

Barry Smith